Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone.
So I did make some New Years resolutions this year, even though I usually don't. I feel it is time to make changes in my life. I am living in this new apartment, and I realized that there is a gym here and I have a key.
So here are my resolutions:

1.) Lose some weight. (obviously)
2.) Actually get some artwork done. I have only finished one painting in 2013. That's just sad.
3.) Check out the gym here.

So I lost two pounds from the first of the month to the second, and although I feel like I ate too much today, I was able to check out the gym here. It is amazing. I think it is open all hours so I can exercise at night when I am usually awake, and there won't be too many people there. It has some kind of sauna in the bathrooms. There is even an indoor heated pool.
So I resolved to get a swimming suit, because swimming burns a lot of calories, and I tried out the treadmill. I burned 100 calories in about 30 minutes. It is going to be amazing. I hadn't really dressed for a work out though and V was bored and wanted to leave, or I would have done more.
I am somewhat afraid of other people seeing the way I look there, or seeing me working out, but my fear of looking this way forever outweighs my social phobia.
I am thinking that my new exercise regime might go something like this-
1 hour on the treadmill
1 hour on the stationary bike
1 hour in the pool (maybe more)

I might cut it down to half an hour on the treadmill and the stationary bike and then spend most of my time in the pool, but I won't know until I can see what I prefer.
Rent is paid and V's financial aid should come in soon, and we will be buying some desks- his for school, mine to work on my art- and giving the apartment people a deposit so that we can have a single apartment after this lease is up in May. Then, we should be able to stay at these apartments in a single room apartment until V graduates in a three years, give or take.
I have no excuse not to be fit now. I have all the resources I could ever possibly want.

On another note, we have rescued my cat from my ex's, cleaned up her fur, got her some toys and things, and she is happy as can be. V is in love with her already. It's nice to have a pet again.
I am so happy that things are finally starting to get better for me. I am excited to get my things back this year, and finally start my life. Everything is coming together. V is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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