Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Diet Plan

I have worked out a new diet plan for myself that involves a point system kind of like weight watchers but tailored more for my own personal needs.

0 cals          10 pts
100 cals        9 pts
200 cals        8 pts
300 cals        7 pts
400 cals        6 pts
500 cals        5 pts
600 cals        4 pts
700 cals        3 pts
800 cals        2 pts
900 cals        1 pt.
1000 cals      0 pts
1000+ cals  -5 pts
-5 points for every 500 calories after that.
This is so that I don't just allow myself to keep eating after I've already passed 1000 calories.

0 mins       -2 pts
20 mins       2 pts
40 mins       4 pts
60 mins     10 pts
120 mins   15 pts
180 mins   20 pts
+5 points for each hour after that

1 cup    1 pt
2 cups   2 pts
3 cups   3 pts
The reason I am encouraging myself to drink coffee is because it can help me keep calmer and mellow out a bit. Since I have ADHD it has the opposite effect on me so it helps with restlessness and anxiety. Also, the caffeine is good for my metabolism and it always makes my appetite go away for a while. You can also substitute this section with a tea section because everyone knows how good tea is for you.

Going outside:

0 mins     0 pt
20 mins   2 pts
40 mins   4 pts
60 mins   6 pts
Since I have anxiety issues I have trouble going outside every day so I won't take away any points for not going outside, but it can also help with my depression to go outside every once in a while so this will encourage me to take short walks at least. It can help make up a few extra points on a bad day too.

gaining more than 1 pound   -5 pts
gaining 1 pound                   -3 pts
maintaining weight                 0 pts
losing 1 pound                      5 pts
losing more than 1 pound    10 pts

blogging +1 per day
purging -5 pts
diet pills/vitamins +1 per day
OD on any pills, medication, or misuse of laxatives -10 pts

If anyone else wants to use this system, you don't have to do it exactly like mine. You can change the points around to whatever you think helps you best, and then add more sections for other goals. For example, you can write down a list of goal weights and when you pass them, you can give yourself a bonus of 20 points or something along those lines.
I wrote these down in a new notebook of mine. It has a hard cover with Marilyn Monroe on the front and a red ribbon for a bookmark. Because it is so nice and wasn't exactly cheap, it makes me want to do really well so I don't have to open something so beautiful and see a list of failures. I keep track of my points day by day by lettering the sections and then writing the letters and points for that section next to them in each entry. Then I total them up and circle them for the day.
My goal is to be down to 140 by the time I move into the new apartment on the 20th. We put in our applications today and did some paperwork so it's all finalized. I can totally do this.