Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Life Is Chaos

So, the appocolypse of my life has finally happened.
V's parents found out that I was staying with him in his dorm and are about ready to disinherit him if I don't leave. We are not able to get an apartment until at the very earliest, January. And I finally got kicked out of the apartment. R moved into my room and if I want to live there, I have to sleep next to K, his sister. There is no room in the place for my things. I would have no way to entertain myself either.
I was planning on going back there to escape from the drama of V's parents for a while but now I am homeless again. I can't stay in this dorm. If V gets caught with me living here, we could both get kicked out and there would be nowhere to go for him either then.
I can't go back to my parents obviously. That place would kill me. I was so sick there and my mom never even noticed that I hadn't eaten in five days or so. My mom made it clear she has no time or money to help me in any way. I can't get onto disability because I can't afford medication or doctor's appointments.
Wow, my life has really gone to hell.
On the plus side, my period finally started- TEN DAYS LATE. What a heart attack.
I don't think it has really hit yet...