Monday, August 5, 2013

You're beautiful
Don't change
It's the inside that counts
And that matters

No need to count pounds
No need to measure
To judge
Guilty pleasures

To dance around
With your eyes closed
Looking and touching
Too small clothes

No need to hate yourself
You have a great personality
You aren't fat
Time to face reality

You say those words
I hear them
But can't understand
Because while you speak

Your eyes find fault
With my body
My shape
My weight

Each pound of fat
On my hips
That you don't have
You fear them

Miss size three
Hear me speak
Hear me know
The havoc skinny girls

Like you will sew
On girls like me
With hearts so big
It overflows

I'm just not
Like you
But I will be

I'll be the skinniest,
The prettiest,
The boniest,
The wittiest

You will envy me
Warm and sweet
Shivering in summer
The image of Elite

I will dance
Looking 'round
For your key
Unbound and free