Friday, May 24, 2013

What I ate today:

Pizza- 700 calories
Chocolate- 600 calories

Chips- 200 calories

Total- 1500 calories.

Walked for maybe two hours tops- 200 calories burned

Still not good enough. I only ate so much pizza because the old man had me taste his special alcohol. He has never given me alcohol before and it was only a little. At first it tasted like really bitter cranberry juice and then it burned. I have had alcohol before but I find it disgusting and pointless unless you are trying to get drunk. I had to eat another piece of pizza to get rid of the taste. I can still taste it a little...
I want to be able to burn off as much as I eat again. That would be amazing.

I will be up today until late and hopefully by then I will feel hungry again. If I can just go to bed hungry, I will find some satisfaction in my day. I am counting on my metabolism catching up.

I don't have my thinspo book with me this time but I remember a quote I had in it.

"Let me be empty and weightless and maybe I'll find some peace tonight." 

It's from a Sarah McLachlan song called "Angel" I have always loved. I found the quote before I ever even knew it was in that song. It's beautiful.