Thursday, March 21, 2013

My dad made $72,000 last year. That's what my parents said when I asked.
But I know he got $40/hr. So that means he could very well have made more like 85,000 last year.
They pay tithing, which means they pay 10% of everything they make to the church. That means he payed about $7,200 to the church last year.
I am actually fairly bitter. Maybe I shouldn't be but I am.
I have to scrounge to make sure I have food every month and my mother refuses to help because they can't afford it. I asked for their old beat up car but they said it was too much for insurance if they got it re-licensed,  even though they insured it for my older brother for years. So they threw it out instead. That was a while ago.
My bf's dad just handed him the keys one day and said, "it's yours." That's how my bf got his car. I know his dad doesn't make much either.
Even living with my parents as a child I never got much. But I guess I should be grateful for what they did give me.