Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lease, cat, no damage done

I had a break down last night. I just lost it from all of the stress lately
Turns out when I really think about it, I was freaking out over what other people would call normal eating.
Half of a sub sandwich and two chips ahoy cookies can hardly be called a binge, but at the time it felt like I was eating so much!
So I didn't get a chance to weigh myself until after the lease signing, (Yay! It's official now!), so I ate breakfast first but when I weighed myself I was at exactly the same weight as yesterday. Since that was after eating, I think I may have actually passed my goal but didn't get the chance to see it. I will see if I can get under it by tomorrow. I seriously thought I had gained at least two pounds...

Also, since it is $250 to get my cat into the apartment and $25 extra a month for the cat's rent, V does not want to pay that much and suggests leaving the cat where she is. I am not happy right now. I'm going to be trapped in the same room with V at the new apartment too. I am so not ready for any of this.

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