Monday, July 1, 2013

I am finally losing weight again.

I knew the 160.0 I got on the scale yesterday was a fluke. (Maybe I hoped more than I knew...) I was right!
I guess it was all water weight. In this case, I guess it was diet coke weight haha.
I lasted the full 24 hours of the fast and then lasted another seven hours, merely because I didn't have the chance to make food for myself. I am eating right now though. I am excusing myself with the fact that I really don't want to starve for forever, and then the moment I lose control and binge gain it all back. Fasting makes the metabolism put any food eaten afterwards right back into reserve. I want to lose the weight and keep it off.
So I am having ramen noodles at 380 calories but it is super filling. Then I am going to try another 24 hour fast after that.
And finally, I would like to reveal my current weight as of this morning. It far exceeded my expectations at 153.0 pounds. I lost seven pounds!
I maintained my calories at a normal level for a few days and so it is possible that the scale really was showing the truth. I think I may have been at the lowest, maybe 156 the last few days. This is because I wasn't restricting enough to have drastic weight loss, just a little. On the 26th, five days ago, I was 157.6 pounds and since then, each day in order I had 880, 1450+, 690, and then 990 calories. I think the fast caused me to lose up to three pounds in one day. Either way and math aside, I am really pleased. Hopefully I can be under 150 in the next week which would feel like a miracle, and be just amazing.
I am actually surprised at my progress, but thinking back, I always was good at losing it fast when I really wanted to. I was able to lose 10 pounds in 5 days on many occasions.
The way I see it, the faster I lose it, the easier it will be. If I let it drag out too long, I will start binge eating and gain back the small amount I will have lost, and maybe more.
The faster I get to my goals, the sooner I can start managing my intake and increasing it to prevent massive food cravings while maintaining. Maintaining at this point would be just too much to handle though. I want to lose so much weight...
I took pictures at 160 when I restarted and when I reach 150 I will take some more pictures and maybe post the difference. I might just wait until I reach one of my ultimate weigh goals first, and then post all of them at once.
I've really noticed my hips showing up again and it feels so good to see them. It's like seeing old friends.
I'm a bit of a chatterbox today I guess.

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