Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I am lacking a little bit of motivation lately.
Here are some reasons to keep trying to lose weight.

  1. To look sexy for myself.
  2. To look sexy for my boyfriend.
  3. To make people do double takes as I pass by them.
  4. To make other guys drool, even though I am taken.
  5. To be inspiration to other people.
  6. So that everyone will want to be me.
  7. To be littler than everybody else.
  8. To never worry about my clothes fitting.
  9. To fit into little clothes that no one else should fit in.
  10. To get hand me downs, not hand me ups.
  11. To feel better about myself.
  12. To look good in a swimsuit.
  13. To look slim in jeans.
  14. To have a flat stomach.
  15. To have a cute little butt.
  16. To have slender legs that don't "smush" when I sit.
  17. To look like a model.
  18. To have hip bones.
  19. To have cheek bones.
  20. To see my ribs.
  21. To look tiny in tights.
  22. To take up less space.
  23. To feel safer and more secure.
  24. To have a goal to work towards and accomplish.
  25. To feel beautiful.

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