Sunday, May 5, 2013

So this is my calorie count so far.

Solid food calories:
Granola bar- 110
Whole wheat flat bagels- 110
Humus- 80
Tiny cinnamon apple rice cake- 20 (?)

Liquid calories:
Minimart coffee 16 oz- 300+ (?)
Orange juice- 200 (?)
Root beer- 120

Total food calories: 320 calories
Total liquid calories: 620 calories

TOTAL CALORIES: 940 calories

So I am pretty worried about how many calories I have had but when I break it down like this, I haven't really been eating all that much food. I am hungry at the moment. By hungry I am referring less to my appetite and more to my stomach making hunger pangs. I actually poured some of the coffee out. I put some of the mocha or whatever in it and it just tasted way too sweet and chocolatey than I like. For me, chocolate and coffee don't mix very well. I don't know much about coffees and calories in relation to coffees so it could have been a lot more or a lot less than 300 calories. For some reason I am most concerned with the orange juice calories. That one could also be a lot more or a lot less than 200. I drank that one straight from the bottle, (I know, I know, tsk tsk), and I have a hard time estimating.

I might have a snack or something later but I will probably have another granola bar or a bagel so the calories will be under 200, but then again I feel somewhat uncomfortable eating anything more today. I will prabably be going to bed in the next five hours and that doesn't give me too much time or any reason to mess up. I think I will even bundle up and grab my mp3 player and walk to the park where I can swing on the swings for a while alone in the dark. I have some really great news but I am terrified to jinx it, and I am EXTREMELY stressed out about it even though it is good news. Change is change is terrifying change. Change scares me way more than it should. Also, I don't think I am going to be able to see or hear from my bf until Wednesday, which also stresses me out.

One good thing though. I am determined to lose weight by then. I want him to notice I have lost weight too. And the good thing? Stress makes me completely lose my appetite. Not eating is how I cope. It is calming. I am excited now. I think I can actually do this!

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