Saturday, May 11, 2013

So, my goal is to be down to 145 pounds on this scale by Sunday, May 19th.
That is approximately 8 days to lose about 7 pounds. I think it's doable.
Last night I felt like I had eaten so much, and then looking back I only had:
2 granola bars- 200 calories
Some chicken- 400 (?)
Ice cream with chocolate sauce- 800 (?)

That is estimating high I suppose.
Still, my total would be 1400 calories. That is somewhat safer than the 2000+ I always imagine I've eaten.

I am going to try to scan in some of the pages of my old thinspo book for everyone to see. It's mainly a scrapbook looking thing with pictures cut out of magazines and words written in on bits of construction paper. It works well for me. My bf bought me three new magazines yesterday. Because I have never had brand new ones before, I am hesitant to cut them up. They are mine so I want them to stay nice forever. But then, where else would I get the pictures?
He says he will get me subscriptions to them when he can, so that I "have something to look forward to" every month.
The three magazines are: Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Shape.

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