Sunday, May 19, 2013

So I have no idea what weight I am- again- because the scale was being weird. It's not like it's a digital scale. It was just moving around a lot. I did eat and drink some first. I can't seem to get out of bed if I don't have something to eat. It sucks. At first it said I was around 150, then I stood on one leg (because it entertains me, that's why) and it said 155 and then I stood normally again and it said 151-152. I did that thing where you want the number to be smaller so you step off and step back on again, and it said I was more like 153-154. Oh well. I think I want my own scale and then I want to calibrate it myself. This is driving me nuts.

I might be just holding water or something. I have had to pee like, every two hours or so, sometimes more like every half hour and it's not like I drink all that much but I am not dehydrated either... I am thinking that this medication is messing up my water and metabolism and stuff. Seeing as it is supposed to maintain my chemicals instead of let them go up and down, I think it is maintaining at a place where I regularly have no energy whatsoever, and that's why I am so tired lately. I am even tired right now. Actually, I am exhausted. I think instead of miserably trying to stay up during the day again, I will just go back to bed. I want to see how long I can stay there. If I don't wake up then I don't have to eat after all. I feel like I need to see how long I can sleep, otherwise I won't know if it is just at certain times around taking my meds, or all the time.
Anyways. I am going back to bed now. Screw staying awake.

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