Thursday, May 30, 2013

***My Obsession With Tiny***

My obsession with tiny

My obsession with tiny
Will eat me away
I'll grow smaller and smaller
And closer each day

To these goals that I set
So near yet so far
I'll get there someday
I will raise the bar

I need to be tiny
Skinny and slim
Little and small
Weigh no more than a whim

I'm determined to lose
And still win my game
Be so little and pretty
No longer ashamed

Tiny bones, tiny waist
Hips protruding with grace
Pouty lips on a face
That says I've won the race

I'll win at wasting
At wasting away
With all my willpower
I'll win the game that I play

I will throw away calories
And throw away fat
Throw away misery
I'll be done with that

And in it's place,
I'll be beautiful and new
I'll achieve hopes and dreams
Achieve wishes too

I'll be effortless and free
Free of these chains
Once the journey ends
I'll be rid of those pains

My obsession with tiny
Will gnaw at my frame
Til my body and mind
Are one and the same

My obsession with tiny
Will eat me away
But I'm okay with that.
Ana can stay.

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  1. This is beautiful :)
    Emily xxx