Sunday, May 12, 2013

I lost a pound since yesterday somehow. On the scale here I am 150 pounds.
I am feeling very tired today. I just have no energy...
I guess I have been like that a lot lately. I talked to my boyfriend and he is supporting the whole goals thing. He is excited for me to dye my hair, and he is fascinated that I want my belly button pierced. I guess I never really thought I would do it because I have never been skinny enough for it to be appealing.
Today I have had ice cream and chicken. I feel like that is so many calories.
Also, D's mom is coming back tomorrow and it does actually stress me out. I hear she was pleased when she heard that i cleaned the entire downstairs but that doesn't mean she likes me or is ever going to like me. I don't know if we will get along or if his mom will be upset when I don't want to be super social...
I don't know if I am going to be able to force myself to be social and help out everywhere. It stresses me out to the extreme when I do but... It's the only way to keep her happy.

I don't think I have said anything about this yet, but my bf got a full time job and so I can move out with him in three months. He has to have two months pay stubs first at least and enough money for a down payment on an apartment and first months rent and so on. I sometimes feel like it isn't really going to happen still. I feel like I will jinx it or something else will come up. Either way, three months is about when my parents are going to move. I don't know what I am going to do. I feel like I am going to cut it really close. I wonder if I will even have enough time to get all of my stuff and my cat...
It should make me excited but there were so many opportunities to feel excited in the past several years and not a single one of them even made it to reality. I am hesitant to put my heart on the line again.

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  1. congrats on the pound loss.
    And it's great that your boyfriend is so supportive, mine would be against it. He isn't as understanding as i wish he would be.
    Moving is hard, moving in with someone is even harder, be sure to really decide if that's what you wanna do. Good luck hun! :)