Monday, May 27, 2013

I lost a pound since the day before yesterday when I last weighed. I am now 156.5 pounds. Not a huge difference but still a nice one. Especially considering that I am pretty sure I had over 2000 calories yesterday. I guess I do tend to estimate high... That and I walked all over everywhere yesterday.
I got some craft supplies from D yesterday, and last night I worked on my thinspo book some. I also got a vogue magazine. I am not sure but I might just take the ads out and use those pictures so I don't mess up the actual magazine.
In other news, I got ten new neon tetras yesterday, and now I have a school of eleven swimming around. Headlights, the big one I already had, looks much happier now that he is not all alone. I think he even found a lady to follow around.
Also, I dyed my hair. I added bits of pink and blue into my blond. It didn't turn out quite as I expected but I think I still like it. Under all of that, my hair is finally white blond in stead of yellow blond. I guess it seemed too pointless to get those first two awards, but the others are still exciting.
My bf has decided to make an automatic withdrawal of $50 from every paycheck into my bank account. That means I get $100 a month. Wow. We have to actually go and do it, but either way I get that much whether it is automatic or not. The automatic part would just make it more set in stone.
As soon as I hit 135 I will go get a new wardrobe for the summer, including swimsuits and shorts and cute spaghetti strap tops, probably new pretty underwear and bras too. Maybe some summer shoes and a hat...
We'll see. I actually have to get there first. 135 here I come. Again.

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  1. A pound is a pound right! Congrats and I'm sure you'll do even better the rest of the week. :)