Saturday, May 11, 2013

I ate half a bag of chips and drank lots of soda before weighing again. Oops.
But I was 151-152 on the scale at my bf's house which is supposed to be exact.
I think I am okay with that. I think last night I expected to gain a lot but I think I lose a pound or two somehow. I know when I woke up I felt like my clothes were a bit looser.
I am sick of having a fat gut, and my cheeks are all round again. I had cheekbones and it was gorgeous. I'll get there again. I want a flat tummy again. Concave even.

So, I found a paper today in my old thinspo book, which I am thinking of adding to.
It reads like this:

High Weight: 181 (December 16, 20120)
Low Weight: 166.4 (January 12, 2011)
Current Weight 174 (January 16, 2011)

It had a list of my goals from that date after that. What I find most interesting, is that I must have made this thinspo book before I even started this blog. This page wasn't put in until after a good amount of my book was already made. What I find even more fascinating is that my lowest weight was once 166.4 pounds. I am 15 pounds lower than that.
I have made so much progress! I can't believe I was ever that heavy. It seems like so long ago.
Now my stats are more like this:

High Weight: 181
Low Weight: 135
Current Weight: 151

It doesn't seem like so much all of a sudden, but looking in the mirror, it is still not good enough. I do feel somewhat accomplished though. Wow...

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  1. Thats the annoying thing about losing weight slowly. Even though the slower the better (tends to stay off) we can't see the before and after because it takes so long to get there! I see that I'm losing weight and my clothes are much looser but the imperfections that I have never seem to go away. For me it's a thigh gap. I have NEVER had a thigh gap even at my lowest because I'm so pear shaped. I hope one day we can both look in the mirror and it will be good enough. Keep up the good work, love! xx