Thursday, May 30, 2013

I am back where I was a few days ago. Since I weighed in at around 158.4 at some point this week...
I broke down early this morning and ate about 410 calories. Could have been worse. So my total for yesterday (I just woke up so it's a new day for me) is 1365. It could definitely have been worse.
I woke up at 156.6 pounds. That is 0.1 off from where I was a few days ago so I am happy about that. My goal is to be under 155 by Sunday and that means I have less than two pounds to go in three days. That is definitely doable.
I must say, it is a serious relief to be moving down instead of up now. The farther away from 160 I get, the more relaxed I can feel.
I drew out a calendar so that I could see how my goals would work.

These are my goal dates:
Big goals
Biggest goals

June 2- 155
June 9- 150
June 16- 145
JUNE 21- Summer starts
June 23- 145 maintained for a week
June 30- 140

July 7-140 maintained
July 14- 135 Pass up my low weight
July 21- 130
July 28- 130 maintained

August 4- 125
August 11- 123
August 18- 120
August 25- 120 m

September 1- 120 m
September 8- 118
September 15- 118 m
September 22- 118 m
September 29- 116

October 6- 115
October 13- 114 Yes I know this would put me at underweight
October 20- 114 m
October 27- 114 My birthday

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