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Coffee PART 1: Terms

I have been talking about coffee lately here and there, and I noticed it is one of the few things that I love that I know barely anything about. So, I am doing a series of coffee posts to help everyone stay more informed. I know that most people have a good amount of knowledge about the topic, but maybe I can bring some new information to the table. With any luck, I will have helped someone out.

Just a side note here- I lived in a Mormon family for my entire life and have only recently grown to be interested in coffee in the past year or two. I like to say I lived under a rock because of how much stuff I missed and had to learn late in life. I think the first time I had coffee I must have been 16 or 17 when I asked a friend to introduce it to me. I hated it that first time due to too many shots of caffeine I think. I used to mix it with hot cocoa and that's how I gained the taste for it. Personal side notes are in this bright color by the way.

Coffee terms:

Italian for "drowned", it's a shot of gelato or ice cream, usually vanilla that is drowned in espresso. Sometimes it is topped with chocolate or caramel sauce. Think root beer float, except with coffee instead. It could be fun to experiment with different ice cream flavors.

This term varies from country to country but refers to a coffee drink made by adding one or two shots of espresso to water. Apparently there is a wide variety of ways to make this though, sometimes it is equal parts espresso and water. In Western US it can be referred to as an "Italiano" and sometimes in Europe it is called a "Vermonto". I think this is made to imitate the effects of homemade coffee.

Espresso is poured into the bottom third of a cup, with about the same size layer of hot milk on that, and then milk foam on the top. Sometimes chocolate is mixed into the espresso on the bottom layer first, and spices like cinnamon or chocolate shavings can be sprinkled on the milk foam when finished.
These are stronger tasting, which is basically pretty bitter, since it is usually equal parts milk and espresso.

A cortado is espresso with warm milk. It can be made with 1 part milk to 1 part espresso, or 2 parts milk to 1 part espresso. (milk:espresso- 1:1 or 1:2)

"Espresso is a concentrated beverage brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans."
60 mL of espresso has 80-150 mg of caffeine.
2 fluid ounces of espresso has 80-150 mg of caffeine.
(Espresso is the actual coffee part with all of the caffeine that is in all of these drinks.)

This is a Starbucks trademarked drink that is basically different flavors mixed with coffee and made with crushed ice to be a cold coffee drink.
I think this is the drink Old Man likes best. He's supposed to be on a diet program so that he can get a hip surgery but he tends to go get Iced coffees anyways. -.-

Also known as a cafe latte, this drink is made with espresso and steamed milk. In this drink the milk is added to the cafe, which is the other way around in a latte macchiato. Also, the cafe latte is supposed to taste more strongly of coffee. Think of it as coffee with a little milk.
I finally learned one string of coffee words that always gives me a coffee taste that I like. I haven't been able to pin down any names of anything else I like so far. It's a skinny vanilla latte with soy. I always emphasize "with soy" because I love coffee and dairy makes me sick, and I wouldn't want to ruin myself for coffee again.

Latte Macchiato-
A drink that is mainly milk and milk foam with espresso being added to the milk as opposed to the other way around. It is like milk with a little coffee.

Meaning "stained", is an espresso with a little bit of foamed milk. This drink is a lot stronger than a Cappuccino even though they both have the same ingredients. The milk is basically a "stain", which indicates that the actual amount of milk is very small.

The cafe mocha differs from a cafe latte in that it has chocolate in it. It is hot milk and espresso, like a latte, but also some form of chocolate. It can be thought of as hot cocoa with coffee in it.
This is what I had today mixed with something else, but it tasted terrible. Considering that I actually grew accustomed to coffee by mixing it with hot cocoa, I would say that whatever I had today was made with dark chocolate or some really thick, terrible mixture of such.

These are the basic coffee mixes I think. Then I found some more coffee terms that are extremely helpful to me.

This is simply the number of espresso shots you wish to put in it. Extra shots means extra caffeine.

8 oz. Short drink
12 oz. Tall drinks include 1 shot already.
16 oz. Grande is 2 shots.
24 oz. Venti is 3 shots.

Soy refers to soy milk for people like me who are lactose intolerant.

Coffees with milk can be substituted with non-fat milk or skim milk.

This means that the drink will be made with sugar free syrups if it has any, and skim milk.
I have to specify that it needs to be sugar free sometimes, and I always specify that it needs to be made with soy, because skim or non-fat milk is still dairy and can still make me sick.
I was very pleased with the taste of the drink, which in other foods can be awful if it is lactose intolerant, and especially if it is sugar free. Also, I read up on it and my drink is really low in calories.

Made with half caffeinated and have decaffeinated.

Decaf is made with no caffeine or very little caffeine. A lot of the time it can be decaf and still have some caffeine in it so be careful.

Flavor shots-
These can be shots of flavors like vanilla, caramel, cinnamon, mocha (chocolate), and hazelnut.

Here is my other source. It may also be easier to understand than reading all of my reworded explanations.

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