Sunday, May 5, 2013

Coffe PART 2: Calories

I made a second post to cover the calories in different kinds of coffee because I know that this is what I am most concerned about. Black coffee is almost no calories at all (meaning about 2 calories for a cup of ground coffee or about 8 ounces), but the coffee most of us drink has added flavors and things like milk, which is when coffee becomes high calorie.

Here is a site with a list of coffees from different places and their calorie content. I will be copying down a few of them below in a much simpler list, but if you want to be specific about a brand or type, just Google it.
I would like to point out that if you don't see the specific drink you are looking for right away on the page, each coffee place has a little link next to it that says, "view more". Click that and it will bring you to a full list of that place's drinks.

Average all brands:
Caffe Latte
with whole milk
8 oz.                 136 calories
12 oz.               204
1 fl. oz.             17
1 mL                1

with no-fat milk
8 oz.                67 calories
12 oz.              100

with whole milk
8 oz.               73 calories
12 oz.             110

with no-fat milk
8 oz.                40 calories
12 oz.              60

Starbucks Skinny flavored latte with non-fat milk
8 oz.               60 calories
12 oz.             90
1 pint              120
1 pint 4 oz.      150
1 oz.                8

Soy milk
12 oz.             203 calories

Nonfat milk
12 oz.             135 calories

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