Sunday, May 5, 2013

Attention Followers

So I've been puzzled lately because my blog feed isn't moving as much as it used to, in other words out of all of the blogs I am following, very few of them are actually posting. What was more confusing was that I do actually get a few comments here or there, usually from a few regulars. So I went back through comments and clicked on the names of the people who commented, and what do you know- I wasn't following them.

This was a little odd to me, but then I noticed a few of them were people who had started over their blogs with different names or blog names. I can understand the whole starting over thing all too well. For future reference, maybe leave me a little sticky note in my comments that something has changed maybe...? Thanks.

Also, one or two were because of blogger errors that have nothing to do with anything and I found my way around that. That's all good.

Scarlett, I thought I should let you know that since you changed your blog to where only invited individuals can read your blog, I can't comment back. No worries though. :)

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog. Thank you for commenting too. It means a lot to me that you are taking a moment to comment. It really does. <3

Lastly, welcome Claudelle! You are my newest follower. Willkommen!


  1. I didn't change my blog! Goodness, I'll have to fix that! :-(

  2. Aw ♥ Sometimes it's nice to be treated like a special snowflake, especially before heading to bed.

    Have a successful day.

  3. My subscriptions aren't updating anymore either. Let me know if you are still having trouble seeing my blog.