Tuesday, April 30, 2013

So, this has absolutely nothing to do with weight loss, but just before I went on my trip to another state I ended up getting a new fish. I wasn't expecting it. I went to go get some food for my fish Dog, and saw the little fish and suddenly had to get it.
Just a little background on me and fish here- I have a thing for plecostumuses (plecos). They are fish that suck on the inside of the tank to clean it, and you usually see them in big tanks at dentist or doctor's offices.
I had a few plecos die before I got my oldest pleco, so when I got her (I thought it was a boy at the time) I didn't want to grow attached to her because I figured she would just die too. That's why I named her Dog. To me it was just a name for a doomed fish. Turns out she wouldn't die and she's lived for quite some time. They can live up to 10-15 years and grow up to the size of 2 feet long. I got Dog when she was maybe an inch long. Now she is about 10 inches.
This is what Dog looks like:

This isn't an actual picture of her but it looks just like her. It kind of looks like Toothless from "How To Train Your Dragon", except underwater and has no wings or legs...
Fish have more personality than people think. I feel like not a lot of people actually care for fish.
Dog for example, does this thing with her eyes where you would swear she is staring at you and then she actually winks. She also thrashes around at the bottom so that the water has little tidal waves and when the water clears, all the gravel is on the other side of the tank. The other fish always look very affronted when she does this.

Anyways, my new fish is actually an albino bristlenose pleco, which means whens she gets bigger she can grow big bristles on her nose, which would indicate that she is actually a he.
I was convinced I would come back from the other state after several days of leaving her alone and she would be floating on the top dead, but she is just fine.
This is what she will look like grown up:

I named the little albino Cow.
Someday I want to have a giant pond and put Dog and Cow together. I am actually hoping they are opposite gender and will mate and have a ton of little baby plecos.
I have this silly theory that the loch ness monster is actually a giant pleco. It would hate sunlight and never come up like normal plecos, and would spend it's life just sucking the bottom of the lake trying to clean it up.
Well, enough boring talk about fish... I think they are quite wonderful creatures but you can decide for yourself. :)

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