Tuesday, April 30, 2013

So I am drinking a skinny vanilla latte with soy- 140 calories.
I had a big breakfast which sucks.
The coffee really helps to calm me down.
I ended up going on this five day trip to another state with my bf and his mom but now I am back.
The only problem is, it seems I have gone back up on the scale here. That means that even if I am 155 on the scale here, at the apartment it would say I am 160. I hate the entire idea.
I have to lose weight...
The coffee definitely helps with appetite. The only problem is, my bf's dad is home right now and he is pretty judgmental when it comes to eating food. He gets pretty upset when I don't want to be social and have dinner with them and my bf always makes lots of high calorie food and then loads my plate up and I feel like I have to eat it all. I will find a way around it though. I don't want to eat for the rest of the day.
My total so far is:

2 hash brown patties- 500 calories
2 pieces of bread- 200 calories
1 piece of chocolate cake- 400 calories
coffee- 140
Total calories= 1240 calories.

I will be pretty unhappy if I go above 1500 but I think I would be okay with it if I only had liquids like coffee for the rest of the day.
It sucks not being able to fit into all of these clothes I fit into just a few months ago. I am feeling pretty down about that but I have the power to make change and I do so want to fit into them again for summer.

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  1. I know the feeling! My bf's mom is a nurse and she watches me like a hawk. She comments on everything I eat and it's not only frustrating but it gets old after a while. I have to plan my excuses days in advance because I know she is going to persist. Don't let it get you down. Just keep working towards your goal. I have a certain pair of trousers that I bought at my thinnest but didn't fit again for 4 years. I tried them on a few days ago and I can zip them up! Still too snug to wear in public but we just have to keep pushing. Don't let one day get you down. xx