Saturday, April 20, 2013

Okay so I woke up and lost at least one if not two pounds. It's harder to tell with this scale but it was obvious to me that I lost weight since yesterday. Even my stomach feels smaller.
I am guessing that I am 152 at most on that scale. That means that I could be at or under 150 by tomorrow morning. I get to see my bf tomorrow which is exciting, but I always eat too much when I am around him. The worst thing that could happen is that I gain the five pounds back and end up at 155 again. It could be worse. If I hadn't lost any and didn't lose any by tomorrow morning, I could end up nearing the 160's. That is a scary thought...
My low weight is 130 though as of a few months ago so I know I can reach it again. The problem there would be trying to stay there or get under it. But I am excited for the opportunity.
I think I am going back to the apartment tomorrow afternoon. I have a few dollars for coffee and maybe that will keep me through one day. Also, the weather is getting warmer and there is no snow so I can go outside and walk as much as I like. Maybe if my bf gets my bike back to me I can exercise that way. I should lose weight better there. There is no one to feed me but myself there.
Today I have eaten a whole wheat bagel with strawberry cream cheese- about 400 calories.
And I also had seven layer stack up, which is mostly vegetables, with tortilla chips. I have no idea how much that would be but I think I will estimate high at 700 calories. I also had a little bit of ice cream, which measures up to maybe 300 calories.
Altogether, that is 1400 calories. That is much less than yesterday. I think I must have counted way too high for yesterday anyways and that's why I lost what I did, so today if my estimate is high and I exercise like I did yesterday, I should be all set for losing again.
I went through my clothes here, looking for things I can wear during the summer time and I found something I forgot I had- some lingerie. I tried it on and it fits but would look just stunning on me if I were at least ten pounds smaller. This is good motivation for me- to look hot for D.


  1. I hope you find happiness, whatever you weigh x

  2. I have been gone for awhile....very busy and sorting things out...but I am here again.
    Summer is a great motivation for me too.