Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I just added my thinspo playlist from YouTube to the ana's Playlist page. It's the one towards the bottom.
I haven't eaten anything else yet. I am starting to feel very hungry which is good. My stomach hurts because it isn't used to being hungry all the time anymore. I am looking forward to being down a pound by tomorrow.
My bigger goal is to lose five pounds a week. I am determined to lose twenty pounds in a month. I want to be at my low weight again so much.
I want to see my hip bones and have tiny legs that have a thigh gap. I want a flat stomach and I want to be able to see my ribs and my collarbones again. I want to see my cheekbones...

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  1. Hello my dear
    I've to apologize for my long absence. (;3;) Hope everything went well for you and you'll manage to get back to the 130 you were.

    Have a lovely day ♥