Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I feel as if I have lost interest with my readers, which is not too surprising to me.
No one really wants to read, "I have eaten this much today" and "I hate my life" every day.
I'm okay with that. But I think I should find some goal that would interest everyone. If it's not exciting enough for everyone else, it certainly isn't going to motivate me to do anything or go anywhere with my life.
So, for a start, I know I love weight loss goals. I'm going to make a steeper one.

In five days it will be Sunday. I want to be down to 150 by Sunday. That is my goal.
Five pounds in five days.
If I can do that I think I will reward myself by dying my hair again. I am blond right now but in certain lights it looks very yellow and orange. I want to bleach it again and maybe put in another ash blond to take out the red tints. The whiter my blond is the better, and once it is as blond as I like, then I will put in the pink and the blue. That is something to look forward to.

I found a picture from when I was 135 and my face looks amazing in it. I had cheekbones. My face is very round and chubby now. It is good motivation. I would post the picture but I doubt anyone would look at it in the short period I would leave it up. However, if anyone wants to see it, I will put it up by request.

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