Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Reason To Be Thin #4

Reason To Be Thin #4:
Because your bf sent an email reply to some random Craig's list ad, saying he hadn't had it (sex obviously) in a long time either, and to message him (his phone number included) to meet up.

I confronted him about it and after an angry outburst I stayed quiet and he finally said he wasn't going to justify it (thank God for AT LEAST that) and I asked him more questions.
It was from three days ago.
He said no, he would not have actually met up with her.
He was feeling lonely and horny (I was on that earlier mentioned trip).
I was only gone for five days.
He asked if I was going to break up with him. I said no.
He asked if I was disappointed. I said yes. My silence must have really gotten to him, but nothing is really making me feel better. I am going to go on like nothing huge happened because I don't really know how to cope with it.
I asked if he would do it again and he replied with another answer. He asked if I wanted a bullshit lie to make me feel happy or the honest truth. I picked truth, honestly. He says he didn't know if it would happen again.
I told him I thought he was more loyal than that. 
I may not show it outwardly but I am beating myself up for this a bit. I KNOW that it was his choice but I am starting to doubt everything again. It's like, was I really pushing him away this much? Should I worry about him cheating since he actually reached out to some random stranger for sex??? I feel like I should worry.
And that brings me to Reason To Be Thin #5.

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  1. I'm sorry this has happened, that's horrible. Try not to blame yourself for it though. I would worry too if I were you, I know that's not helpful but it's true. I hope you will be okay. Take care <3
    Alice xx