Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Reason To Be Thin #2

Reason To Be Thin #2:
To get into a smaller pair of jeans than my arch nemesis (not really but I am not a fan of hers), whose jeans, the aunt from #1 had "borrowed" and was wearing.

It is not cool for your own mom to borrow your jeans like a high school friend and wear them around, especially when they fit in them. I would hate to be bigger than my own mom let alone the same size. I don't know what pair of jeans they were, but I want to fit into smaller just to make sure.
My mom irritates me every time the subject of my cousin comes up by saying, "It's funny really because you two are just like each other. You just don't like her because she is like you."
I have standards thank you very much and they do not include cursing every other word, talking down to people or being unnecessarily rude to other people. I am also not that out of control and boisterous, and I know how to cope with my issues instead of running away from them.
Excuse my little rant there. I still felt like that fat girl I used to be when I sat next to her. I felt judged and whenever I had an opinion she overrode it by laying down loud opinions in a loud voice over top of it. There was no... respect I guess, would be the word I am looking for. Also she had a chubby face and cut her hair boyishly short. Her red dyed hair...
Anyways. I wanted to make her feel bad about her body or at least admire my body, instead of vice versa.

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