Thursday, March 21, 2013

My dad made $72,000 last year. That's what my parents said when I asked.
But I know he got $40/hr. So that means he could very well have made more like 85,000 last year.
They pay tithing, which means they pay 10% of everything they make to the church. That means he payed about $7,200 to the church last year.
I am actually fairly bitter. Maybe I shouldn't be but I am.
I have to scrounge to make sure I have food every month and my mother refuses to help because they can't afford it. I asked for their old beat up car but they said it was too much for insurance if they got it re-licensed,  even though they insured it for my older brother for years. So they threw it out instead. That was a while ago.
My bf's dad just handed him the keys one day and said, "it's yours." That's how my bf got his car. I know his dad doesn't make much either.
Even living with my parents as a child I never got much. But I guess I should be grateful for what they did give me.

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  1. That really sucks. A lot. But good for you for staying positive and being grateful for what you were given, even if it wasn't much. It just means that you're more appreciative of things now, much more than people who were given everything. :) you're a stronger person for it!