Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hey everyone. It finally clicked and I messed around with my internet settings and was able to fix the problem with commenting. I can comment now!
I am going to bed now because I am exhausted and have a huge headache but I will see what I can cover when I have time. Look forward to at least SOME commenting. No promises.
I got back on my meds and only took the starting dose again and my mood felt a lot better, but I have no short term memory on this med. Like, it's part of my cognitive disorder anyways but my thoughts literally leave me a split second after I make them.
"I need to do this..." And then it's gone.
But it is taking away my appetite. I had two muffins for breakfast- 800 calories yuck. I know. Then I took my meds and I don't remember eating anything else except for a bowl of soup with noodles, at around 350 I think. I have been binge eating like CRAZY since I got off that med. Withdrawal I would think... But now it's better. I want to get back down to 140, then head down into the 130's again. I suddenly ended up at 148 in one day, but I weighed in at 146 this morning. I didn't even take my meds yesterday so I must have done something right, and had control over myself somehow.
Feeling crappy mood wise right now, but again, sleep...
Goodnight girls, love you all!
Let's get skinny.