Saturday, September 1, 2012

I am so enthusiastic about life right now, but at the back of my mind I am terrified that something bad is going to happen...
Work was... Idk. I won't say I am not afraid of being fired but...
I weighed in at under 150 today. I can't remember the number but eh. Tomorrow will be lower again, I just know it!
Here is some of my enthusiasm for all of you. I have a lot right now so I am hoping I can share a little bit of it.
Eh the coffee was probably dairy... Oops, tummy ache lol.
I work again tomorrow. I will try my best!
First day of my new med for ADHD. I think it may be helping a little but after a friend showing up at work and saying hi, for some reason my mood raised a lot. I think I love working, as long as I don't make too many mistakes and make trouble. I may have grown another inch which changes the BMI's but oh well. :)
Ah lol I am talking to tooooo many people at once but I just want to talk to everyone today!!!
Worried though. Idk why...
Anyways. Lost my train of thought. Maybe I will post again later if I find I have forgotten something...
I need to comment but I am soooo busy ahhhh. Promise to get around to it. Really.
Newest thinspo post!
Try this on for size.

Slight curious note here. Can you wear this without like this for real??? I would think if you leaned forward... :o

Just a thought... again... but Google image search vogue. Tons of great thinspo right there.