Friday, August 17, 2012

I figured I better do a water post for my experiments page. Water is very, very, VERY important. I myself need to drink more of it. Keep hydrated and it can actually help with your appetite. Sometimes the mind can misinterpret the body's signals, and instead of telling you that you are dehydrated and need water, it will make you think you are hungry. This means that you can easily just be thirsty, not hungry.

Short post. Case in point.
Here is another post for my experiment. This one if for drinks!

Coca Cola Zero

Skinny drinks...?

Powerade Zero

Cascade ice- I love these! They are actually really, really good.

Lifewater. I have also tried these. They have extra vitamins in them that can help with everything. In case you can't see the pictures very well, the first one has antioxidants- vitamin C and E. The second is called lean machine, it has vitamins B, C, and E.

Crystal light. I have tons of these at home. They are little powder packets that you mix into water and they help me stay hydrated. Very tasty and lots of flavors- apparently. Also, let me note, I believe they say 5 calories per serving, each packet is two servings. I just found this out because I hadn't noticed before. Still good though.

Here are some tasty drinks:

I did leave out tea, which is what the one above is. ^
I am not much of a tea drinker but I need to get into it. It is so good for you...
Lemonades. Do I really need to say anything on this one? Just look at that!

And that's if for this one. Hope you enjoy these! I really hope they work!
Here is another post for my experiment. I have gotten some feedback that it is effective so I am adding on. Check out my page at the top of the screen about the experiment if you haven't already. I will be adding links to new posts like this one for food thinspo at the bottom of the experiment page.
I think this one will be about vegetables.

Tomatoes. I am addicted to them lately.

Lettuce. Base ingredient in salads and tasty in lots of foods.

Peppers. I love these. Some peppers are actually more sweet than spicy so there is a pepper for every kind of taste.

A lot of people don't like mushrooms but I find them to have a mellow taste that can mellow out different kinds of foods. I put them in my veggie sandwiches. Probably not technically a vegetable though.

Pickles. Not the prettiest food but if you find them in the right brand they are zero calories. Also a good strong taste in my opinion, which makes them good for adding to less flavorful foods and diverting binges. I personally love them.


Spinach. Mmm despite the general distaste for this food everywhere, still one of my favorites.

Onion. I love onions!

And that's all for now folks. If I added ALL of my favorite vegetables, this would be a longer post than it already is. Hope you liked it!