Monday, July 23, 2012

I have already eaten today but I think after I check my Facebook I will just go back in the room with a bottle of water and play some Pokemon. I don't love the game but I love to collect and who am I kidding. I love Pokemon! It reminds me of my brother. I miss him. I haven't seen him in two years and we never get to talk anymore... I only have one or two games... wait no I have the old Yellow with pikachu, and gold, not heart gold just gold, and I have pearl but nothing to play that one on, and right now I am playing Ruby because it has all my favorites like gardevoir.

That's gardevoir.^
And who can't love pikachu???

There's pikachu^ The baby form is pretty cute too, pichu \/

Sorry if no one who is reading this likes Pokemon lol, but I do. It's another side hobby, not essential to my life, but still somewhat enjoyable. My entire life isn't about my eating disorder after all. It can't be.

That is skitty^
Roselia \/



Those are all from ruby version. I'm not an expert by any means. I don't know half the pokemon just the ones I like and play...


Hope you like these. They are the prettiest and the cutest. I love how they base them off of real animals.
Karma will hit.
I will be a flawless.
No curves
No calories
Yet still a goddess.

The smallest clothes
Hanging on my bones
In beauty, for always
No regrets behind me.

All eyes on me
Nothing else to see
Death take my victory

But breathe my story
Each breath controlled
And let the truth
Unbeknownst, unfold
This is perfection
Infinite nothing
Full on dreams
Under ana's protection
Losing to succeed

I will be skinny, thin, and beautiful.