Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ahhh three new followers!!!
I was just happy when there were fourteen because my irrational fear of thirteen lol but now I have sixteen!
K bought an entire chocolate cake. She came in here and said, "I don't like H but do you want a piece? He can't have one." Yay, she offered me a piece a cake... Oh no she offered me a piece of cake...
Yay as in she trusts me, oh no as in how the fuck do I eat this thing. I have taken a bite after giving a single bite to H and having to listen to him "What is she five? She has no money. How the f..." etc.
But after one bite I am staring this cake down, properly disgusted wondering how to make it smaller because I WILL be sick if I have to force this down. Literally. Lately I can't really eat sweets. They really hold no appeal to me.
After a few nights ago when I got in a huge fight with H and gave him a piece of my mind (it was such a feat that K told her dad about it and then her dad told R about it haha). It wasn't even my normal fighting where I cry and make it my fault and become a big emotional baby. I actually spoke some sense and then he apologized later on and said he would treat me with more respect from then on. Haha yeah right. Over a year of empty promises and he still...? Anyways...
He went to gaming yesterday and came back with a gift for me. His friend had gone to a comic con or something and brought back big dies and he got me one. That means he was thinking about me. LOL when I crush his fool heart.
H came in and I made sure K wasn't looking and let H eat half of it. I love pawning food off on fat pigs who will actually eat it (no offense actually meant to H this time).
Sorry guys, the pics don't seem to be showing up for anyone...