Saturday, July 14, 2012

I soooo wish I was old enough to drink right about now...
Sigh... Just beautiful.
I needed this.

I am really enjoying myself here...

Ah I think the last one might make me cry...
It's great to see new pics and new music. New as in I haven't heard it before; I hate the newer music nowadays...

This is beautiful!

I'm going to listen to more of thininadream's videos...
170 days until new years 2013.
That is my goal date for reaching 120.
That means I have to lose 33 lbs in 170 days, or lose one pound every five days. I really set the bar low didn't I? If I really can't do that than I must be a failure lol.
At least I am giving myself plenty of room to fail and pick myself back up. I will probably need it. So I am going to set smaller goals and set them as memos on the calendar on my phone. Then when it hits that day, it will say here is your goal and I would have been beyond it- hopefully.
So my first mini goal is to get below 150 for the first time. I have been very close many times, but as you all know- close is never good enough. Close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. I must do this by the 27th at the very latest. That is my first goal, and even though I am leaving myself way too much room for failure, it will push me to go above and beyond, or maybe just get me to where I need to be. If I don't set goals, I will not be able to feel accomplished because there was nothing to achieve.
I would love it if everyone who reads this leaves a comment about a goal they wish to achieve in two weeks. Don't be too pushy, make it a small, easy goal, and then later we can work our way up and push ourselves harder. Everyone has been so hard on themselves lately, making too high of expectations of themselves, when really it is up to their bodies, and then feeling like a failure. I think we need to band together as a group and support each other and become closer as an entity. Let's retrain our bodies and minds from the beginning, make it a new start, and instead of failing, let us build ourselves up, one accomplishment at a time. Rome wasn't built in a day. But when you have a jar of pennies, every cent adds up over time to become something more than a few cents.
See what I am saying?
The more we rush to climb up out of the hole, the more ledges we break by not securing ourselves first, and then we slide down farther. Think of it as Lego's maybe? :)
Love you girls!
120 by new years!