Sunday, June 3, 2012

I didn't want to be here when H got back and so I stayed out for a while.
I came back and he had his stupid pajama pants on and he looks ready to relax... more.
He is so spoiled. His dad has given him every thing he could possibly want. He was arrogant enough to quit at least three jobs because he was just too good for it. He plays all day and all night. No wonder he could ever understand fear.
I have decided to learn how to dance. I have never had money for lessons and my mom says she asked me when I was little and I had no interest in anything like that so I lost my chance. Apparently one can only follow their dreams if they know what they are before they started to have the ability to think for themselves. I obsessively follow dancing shows. I didn't get to see the last few seasons of So You Think You Can Dance because my mom banned it in that house, but I can watch it here and I have seen the first two episodes of this season.
Earlier I found another one that intrigues me. I am usually not a fan of drama but for some reason the show, Dance Moms has drawn me in.
I looked up positions for ballet and I have two goals in mind. I would like to be able to do a plie without needing something to keep my balance, and I would like to be stretched enough to eventually do a split. these are achievable right?
The only thing is, without an instructor I won't really know what to do or what to learn, and when I do figure it out, on my own I will learn improper habits I am sure and not have great form at all. Does anyone know how to dance? I would appreciate if anyone could help me. I don't want to compete or anything, I just want to know how. I don't even know if I would become any good at it, especially as I am trying to start at 18. I also envy a dancer's body and want to have stronger legs, and definitely looser muscles in my legs. Because I don't get out and stretch my legs ever, when I am stressed out, especially when I am sleeping my muscles tighten and contract painfully.
Anyways, I would be incredibly grateful if anyone could help me. If not that's okay too.