Thursday, May 31, 2012

K did get hired just a few nights ago, a part time job during the day, but before she even started her first day she screwed up. They say very firmly that within 24 hours of the interview you have to go do the drug test and she was too lazy to get there and may have gotten terminated right there. She kept making up stupid excuses.
"I thought it was within 48 hours."
"I have no way to get there."
"I have no money to take the bus. I paid my friend back and now I am broke." (The same friend who supposedly "gave" her lingerie and all those tank tops.)
"I would feel guilty taking dad's change from the counter to get a bus pass."
 She said she was going to beg them to let her do it the nest day...
I don't know if they believed her or not, but chances are she didn't go and do it today, and she is staying at her mom's for a few weeks anyways to help out because her mom is getting a surgery. H is celebrating though- with food.
Anyways, I am almost certain as is everybody else that she got terminated within a day of getting hired.
On another note I applied for a few jobs I know to have open positions and I am crossing my fingers. H didn't get the job I don't think. Cross your fingers for him too. We both really need jobs.
I think maybe, just maybe I will try and do a liquids only fast, preferably a water only three day fast. If I can convince H that it will be good for me- flush out bad toxins and all that- maybe I can get him to keep me in check. I probably won't last very long, less than a day because I am bad at fasting when food is shoved in my face and is only steps away in the other room...
But it's worth a try right?
My dear mother took me to get fish- bless her heart.
I got two more danios to make it a complete school of 6. I got six tetras which I love but they die too easy :/ and I got three gouramis which will always be my favorite since they were the first kind I ever had back when H first bought me fish.
I ended up going over to R's with H (Yay I got included!) and when I came back today, three of my tetras were dead.
I am doing awful on the food range again. I just can't explain the constant failure. I'm sorry.