Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm back on the computer and it looks like I have it for the night.
No one is awake to offer me food or make me eat. H went to bed a while ago, pretty much as soon as he got back. He is unaware I have not eaten today.
We are going to the food bank on Wednesday and also the food card gets refilled then, and that's when I will have to worry.
I got myself a cup of coffee with a little bit of hot cocoa in it. I did eat one of the chips in dad's nachos but it wasn't enough to really matter, and I am discounting the calories in the coffee/hot cocoa because not only is it a liquid, but it is probably the only thing I will consume anyways. If I did want to eat something, there is no way I could find anything gluten free in the apartment, and even if there was I would be afraid of waking dad up who sleeps in the living room because K uses his bed.
Things are looking up.
K is on her nightly walk- or one of them. I don't really care though because I am at a good number and heading on down. My metabolism is pretty good right now considering how much I have been eating lately so I should be able to get down to at least 153 without having too much trouble. Maybe then, if I'm not careful my metabolism will hit the brakes on things.
I have passed this goal again but next time I will be passing a whole new goal.
I can't wait to get rid of this muffin top!
I am typing this letter by letter on H's ps3. It is a giant pain in the neck.
It's like looking for forever for every letter before pressing on it.
Anyays I got on to discuss the method I just realised I use to recover after a really bad binge, or just a bad run of no weight loss in general. What I usually do, is make myself stay up all night exercising hardcore and burning off as many calories as I can until am worn out. Then I try to occupy myself with anything I can until I have been up for a reasonable amount of time without eating. This usually just as the sun comes up or later, and my belly has started to be hungry and has started to growl. Then when I finally go to sleep, I sleep for a longer period of time without eating.
I woke up and weighed in at 156.5 lbs.
Fluke maybe? I had to check twice just to make sure.
At least half of a lb of that has to be clothes.
Bacon-                550 calories
Tub of Fries-       1200 calories
Fry Sauce-          100 calories
Cheese Slices-    180
Tomato Slices-    15 calories
Chicken-             600 calories
Caramel Apple
            Suckers- 120 calories
Really Bad
              Coffee- 100 (?)
Hot cocoas-        180
Total:                  3045 calories

Gruesome isn't it? These are just my estimates though, and I always judge high just to cover the extra calories anyways. Even then, the extra exercise I will be motivated to do helps out...
I can't get myself to go out for a walk. I'll probably burn too little anyways and then get worn out and go to bed. So I went and did 300 jumping jacks in the bathroom. I can actually feel my upset stomach sloshing around in me and it's very loud... and uncomfortable... and yeah, it's an upset stomach... Oh well.
Back to my jumping jacks...

***Inner Turmoil***