Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm having one of those moments when I just stare at my knees and think, "What...?"
I think I'm in shock...
Not only is Miss Mad commenting about me in her blog, but now LittleMissFairy made an entire post for me, which I still don't believe... I think I'm confused too.
Two people like me?
Damn I must really live under a rock to not know what to do when people love me.   >.<
Still have no clue what to say except... thank you...? O.O
I think I forgot to feed my fish. I better go do that...


I've been updating a bit. I updated one of my pages, just an FYI.

***Colored Words***

Hey has anyone noticed the patterns of colors in my posts?
I usually feel like I have to color something up when it looks too boring, but I have to pick a color to fit my mood.
Red- usually something dark and emotional, or sometimes just party style wild and loud
Orange- I only use this color when I am feeling okay towards H. It's his favorite color.
Yellow- possibly my favorite color at the moment because it feels bright and enthusiastic about the future
Green- this can really mean anything, including feeling off or weird, or not having another color
Blue- calm. it really does portray calm most of the time
Purple/violet- R's favorite color. It means a usual day most of the time. Something very basic, almost square.
Pink- usually involves my brother, who loves the color, or something girly. Knowing my brother, it could be both.
Gray- I usually am just tired and can't stomach the contrast of the white because my background is black
Black- well you wouldn't see it then would you?
White- this means I didn't bother to change the color. Obviously. That usually reads: I am having a day, no particular mood attached, so take it as it is.

Then you can usually measure the extent of my moods by the shade. For example: if it is bright yellow then I am happy and excited. If it is lighter yellow, it is more mellow. Deep red means more pain that regular red, and so on. I like to think I can keep somewhat in touch with my emotions. By having to associate a color with a mood, then I am forcing myself to stop and think about what I am feeling so I can make better sense of it, and what to do with it. I don't always follow this system though. Sometimes I just pick a color that I am comfortable with for the day, but then, if I'm comfortable with it then it can't be too far off the dot right?