Friday, April 13, 2012


You know what I love most about blogging?
I am anonymous. No one can judge me by the way I look, or the rhythm of my speech, or the sound of my laugh. No one can look at my clothes, or how young I seem, or anything about me and judge me. It all comes down to my words. Something about the words I speak and the thoughts I write makes my readers read what I write. It feels really good.
I have always done best when I have people who love me. As long as I have that I am happy. That is really all it takes. Call me simple but is it really such a small thing to want to be loved?
So I would like to thank Miss Mad for becoming so involved in my blog and letting me become somewhat involved in her life. I love you!
Also, I am forever thanking all of my readers in general. Thank you Anna, LittleMissFairy, and Penny Lane.
Love to you all!

Forgive me if I say thank you or sorry to much it's just in my nature. And I am so grateful you guys put up with me when I blog millions of times a night because I am bored and lonely.

***Weight Loss Cartoons***

I might as well make light of it. *Shrug*

***What To Do When You Fail***

When you fail, take advantage of it.
Use the feeling of being fat to motivate yourself to do something about it.
If you have binged, all the extra calories and junk food will make your metabolism that of a fat person's for a while. Overweight people have better metabolisms than thinner people, and this is because the body knows that they need it.
You will burn more calories, and lose weight faster and easier.
No panicking, no self abuse, just calm. Let yourself relax.
Drink lots of water, and try and fill up on fruit when you get hungry.
That's my plan anyways...

***Fat People***

Normally I would hate myself for posting this, but just because we don't want to look like this doesn't mean we have any problems with the people themselves.

These make me sad. It makes you think, "Wow. I can't possibly be fat in light of this."
If you really want to eat, go here. It will make you not want to eat. Think of it as reverse thinspo... with food.

If you have a weak stomach don't click on the last link please.
I should really consider a different method for naming my posts. I get the numbers mixed up easy so it will say there was a comment on a certain post and I have to figure out which post is that number.

I thought I would comment on something really fast.
I was thinking about this when I clicked on my stats and it told me which browser was being used. I don't know whether many of you are using Internet explorer, or Firefox, or chrome or whatever, but I have to mention privacy with these.
There are many ways to track your history if people are trying to keep track of your blog who aren't supposed to know about it. My own brother is probably reading my blog all the time from where he is without telling me, and I would never know. People like family members or friends might know about and/or read your blog and not confront you about it, and the reason for that would be that they can use it to know what you are thinking and if you are eating enough.
This probably isn't happening in most cases, but I know the last thing any one of us wants is to have our blogs read or discovered by someone we know. It's a complete nightmare, am I right?
One thing you can do to prevent people from finding your blog in the history, is to delete it, but there are many ways to pull up another path to the history. What I do, is I use Google chrome, and then I open up an incognito window. It's under the little wrench on the right hand side of the top of the window. You click on it and then click new incognito window. It's the third option in the list if that helps.
Incognito window will not leave a history to have to delete, but your email if you are signed into it will leave a history so you can find places you have been, but only while signed in.
I use it on this computer anyways, even though I have my own account on my mom's computer with a password that my mom doesn't know. It just makes me feel safer.
I hope I helped someone. :)
Trying to be enthusiastic here, but I ate so much my stomach is bulging painfully and I think I ate a few thousand calories. It was just one of those days.
So I am not giving up and I will exercise all night. I took another green tea pill but I am feeling exhausted again. Maybe I should take another? I don't know...
I feel really nauseous right now.
Ok it's washed out.
My head looks like a flame. The first time I bleach it after it is brown it always turns out Orange. The roots are yellowish and towards the ends it's dark orange/brown.
I came prepared this time though.
I have two regular blond dyes to use on it tomorrow and the next day. These will tone it down to a regular blond and take out the reds. I always have to dye it several times to get it to the light light blond I like best. I'm not going anywhere until Monday anyways...

While washing the bleach out I didn't wear gloves. My nails are chewed down to the nerves, some of them open wounds that you can't see very well but they bled. And then I got bleach on them...
Do you know why torture is usually pulling nails off? Because the ends of your fingers have the most sensitive nerves in the entire body.

You know what else is torture?
If H hadn't broken up with me, today would be our 11 month anniversary. He asked me out right after midnight on Friday the Thirteenth in May of last year. Now I am depressed. I'm not completely over him, if over him at all. I mean, I'm not still bawling hiding under the covers in heartbreak, but it isn't pleasant either.
Not to completely screw up the enthusiasm thing, but I need to wash the bleach out now or my hair could fall out, but my sister climbed in the shower because she threw up on herself on the bus on the way home from school... 45 minutes ago. She always takes extremely long showers.
........................................................ -.-
Holy crap I actually did pass one of the goals in my list. And I was a whole different BMI too!
I will get back there sooner than you think.
This may just be a manic high but I'm going to flow with it.


So I am 156.8 or something.
I am bleaching my hair right now. Yay for blond!
I always feel better when my hair is an outrageously light or bright color. I feel more like myself now.
But maybe that is the noxious fumes of the bleach going to my head...
Oh well.
I am posting this because honestly I don't want R blabbing it to people because he would see it on Facebook. It doesn't seem that big to you maybe, but he would twist it into this outrageous story that only R can make. I really don't hate him and I'm not going to take him out of my friends list on Facebook.
So basically, blogging here because I am bored and can't Facebook.
I just turned that into a verb. >.<

On a different note, I was talking about my mom like she was trapped the other day, but my parents really do love each other and I don't think they would ever choose to separate. Even if it was okay to in terms of religion. I might be projecting my issues onto my mom.

My hair is so dark that I have to leave the bleach in for an hour and I still have another 30 minutes to go. I itch!