Tuesday, April 3, 2012

***Beautiful Keira***

***Coloring The Day***

I had a weird and somewhat bad day today and I am not feeling very well, emotionally that is. Things feel kind of off today. Today is a bit gray and somewhat emotionless, so here is some color for your day.

I am really naive.
I was sleeping on this guy's couch and my dreams turned really wonky and then I woke up and he was whispering in my ear, "Wake up, I'm naked. Wake up, I'm naked."
And I turned and he was.
I freaked out a little in my head- well, a lot. And so I turned my face back into the couch and put the pillow over my head and said, "no I'm sleeping."
"Too much? Too soon?"
"But what did you think?"
"I don't know."
Then he went back to his room for a while and I called his name and said it was late I needed to go home. I am not staying over there again.
I am not that kind of person. I think I will wait to have sex again until I am married thank you very much.