Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hey girls, just throwing attention to the fact that I am updating things and reorganizing my blog and stuff. I updated my goals on the right side of the blog under posts I believe, and under that I added measurements I took last month. They aren't accurate as of now, but I will have something to compare to next time I measure. Idk if I already talked about it, but D got me a little pocket retractable measuring tape for just that. It's in my purse now and I pull it out every once in a while when I can't weigh and I usually just check my waist. I am most conscious of my stomach more than anything else on my body. My butt isn't in my main view so I never really think about it and I wish my boobs would stop shrinking too but I like them smaller I must say. I am hoping if I get to my goal weight and maintain it for a while and eat well enough, the fat will go back to my boobs like it always does when I am maintaining. As long as it doesn't go back onto my stomach...
I am told that I basically have a flat stomach now but I have been obsessed over it for so long that I still feel really fat and gross there. I wake up and feel my stomach and until it's concave, it's just never going to be good enough. When I wear tops that are a little tighter, more form fitting, I always feel like it is bulging out terribly and that everyone can see it and are thinking about it and judging me. I always feel like it puts me lower on the food chain, like in high school when a fat girl tries to stand next to a popular girl. It feels terrible  When will I ever measure up to that? When will it ever be good enough?
Anyways, I know I don't talk in detail about my body much, like what parts I do and don't like so there is something to think about... I hear other girls complain about things like their hips and butts and legs and stuff but I have to say the waist has got to be the foremost in my head. I do hate my thighs though. There is no way to make thighs look attractive to me. When you wear shorts and sit down in front of a nice guy and they smash into these bug, ugly, fat, blobs... not attractive.
What do you guys like and/or dislike about your bodies?


  1. My least favourite part is definitely my butt and my legs. I am short and stocky looking. I am quite small on top, and even at my highest weight I had collarbones and look pretty thin from the waist waist has always been relatively small, too...about 22-23". However, then I balloon into this gigantic disgusting blob of fat, and I hate it.

    I also hate my fingers. They aren't really fat, but I have huge knuckles. My genes are terrible.

    Anyways, glad you're back.


  2. hi !! its nice to hv u back..well i hate just Hate my main concern is tummy nd waist has to be flat..i mean super flat or concave wud be better :)