Thursday, October 4, 2012

Well today was a kind of crap day. I have been dehydrated all summer and today was just the worst of it yet. I woke up, went into the bathroom and dry heaved and then passed out on the floor for a good minute. I must have slammed my head on the doorknob or something because I have a dark red bruise right over my hair, just out of view thanks to my hairline. But it hurts if a breeze even touches it. Then I nearly passed out several time at work and was shaking like crazy. I was tired, and I started to lose my voice because my mouth was so dry. My lips were chapped as hell.
I did weigh in at 139 point something but with the way I have eaten today I will be back up in the 140's by morning. Thank goodness I at least get tomorrow off to recover fully.
After passing out I had only a few minutes to get ready for work and I had to rush to the bus stop. I had H feel my forehead just before I left and apparently even though I was sweating buckets my forehead was ice cold and my face was scary pale. I worked four hours and while everyone else was freezing, as I usually am, I was burning up. I finally got off work and it was already dark. It was also freezing. My computer says it's about 49 degrees F, but it might have easily been colder, and all I had to walk back in was my work pants and work t shirt  My fingers hurt so badly because they were so cold. I was shaking and chattering and everything on my way home. I am drinking lots of apple juice now because I can't get water down.
I am taking vitamin D now.
Also, my food card gets refilled tomorrow.
I'm not sure what else to say. I may just be feeling off because I am so sick from dehydration but I think some of it may have been that night I spent with D. I still feel sort of disturbed by it all, to the point where I can't even listen to music.
H is bothering me now. Why can't he sleep somewhere else???
I don't want to have to be quiet all night and tiptoe around him...


  1. Oh no !!!!
    Poor You! I wish you could drink water - loads of it. But I've heard no fat milk (I don't know what you call it in the states but here it's called skimmed milk) is better than water for hydration and is recommended to athletes to prevent dehydration. So maybe you could try that? I hope you are ok.. Wow 139! We are practically the same weight :)

    Oh.. Guys are such douches.. Sorry that you feel bad still about him.. Not fair that you have to feel like this

    Hope you feel better soon - love you x

  2. God ! u must b feeling soo weak dear..take care of yourself's ur blood pressure..u hv told that u r vegan..its good u r having juice..but eat some thng..fruits nd veggies..take rest whenever u can..<3

  3. That's terrible darling. Go to a doctor, that's really worrying.
    I wish there was something I should do, I hate that you're suffering like that.
    Please take care sweetie.