Friday, October 12, 2012

Thank you Lilly Forever and thank you Rayya for the comments.
I am feeling okay. I got re-hydrated but my body just doesn't seem to hold onto water for very long at all. I need to remember to drink more liquids regularly and every day.
I'm not vegan right now.
And I'm not supposed to have dairy but thanks. I have dairy most of the time anyways even though I'm not supposed to so maybe I will go get some skim milk (they call it that here too I am pretty sure) and drink it with some kind of food that will soak it up some. I don't know.
I don't know if I am really gluten intolerant as the tests came back fine but maybe they were just checking for Celiac's and wouldn't have picked up anything less...?
All I know is that their tests always come back normal for me, and they haven't found anything wrong, even when I am eating perfectly normal, drink water and stay hydrated, and getting enough sleep. They can write it off to stress but I feel sick even with no stress and all of those healthy habits in place. I'm tired of testing though. It's starting to feel like I'm making it up or it's all in my head...
But I am not super depressed at the moment I don't think... I feel strange and my body hurts but I'm okay overall... Either that or I can't feel anything and I am mistaking it for happiness. But oh well. :)

Somehow this never got posted from a few days ago... I found it still as a draft. How disappointing...

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