Saturday, October 13, 2012

Just A Little Bird

I may just be
A little bird
But I need life
And I need hope

Put me in a cage
And I will sing
But my voice will die
And I will bleed

I'll sit there
Perched, upon a bar
Not a rose
Not a flower
Surrounded by metal
Mined from rocks
When what I want
Are less sticks and stones

If I could dream
I'd tell stories
But I just chirp a tune
That you can't understand

You can't feel me
Or hear my words
Your touch is less
And less each day
Interest fades
And then I am just a bird
A little bird
In a cage

I used to live
And then I was put in a cage.
I used to sing,
And then my voice died.
I tried to dream,
But soon I could not sleep.
I used to breathe,
But now I gasp.
I want out.
I want out of this cage.

A cat comes out
To play one day
Fear is there
But escape may be

And suddenly I live
Live for the thrill
To escape
While being chased

My time is running out
I'm running away
But then the cat
Is late one day
And those dreams,
Those dreams,
They fade away.

But a taste is a taste
So I still dream
I dream these dreams
Of life and hope

Colors bright
And creatures bold
The future light
The dreams get old

I hope
To be crushed
I live
To be dying
I sing
To be ignored
I care
To be neglected
I am free
To be caged.

Oh, this cage of mine.
Someday, someday
I will fly away
And be free.

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