Monday, October 8, 2012

I have this to say about D right now. It's a slightly modified (to save privacy and things) part of an email I wrote to K from D's house, which is where I am at right now. I will explain that too so be patient.

D really wants to get an apartment that allows pets. I am thinking that I am a lot of the reason for this. He knows how much life animals give me. He says there is a limit on how many pets I can have (lol) but it's bigger than three I think. I was telling him that I wanted two big fish tanks and after seeing how passionate I was about it he really didn't argue. I will be saving up for those eventually. I want a salt water one because the fish are so beautiful, and I need a freshwater one anyways, because my plecostomus, named Dog, is getting way too big for my little tank. A plecostomus, or pleco for short, is the kind of fish you might see, say at a dentists office, sucking on the bottom or walls of a tank. Those things get huge! I want Dog to be happy so I want to get him a tank that he can swim, or suck, around comfortably.
I have talked about Princess (the black and white "tuxedo cat" that I have had since she was a kitten about five years ago) a lot so he knows how much I love her, and I think the main reason why an apartment that allows pets is so important to him now, is because he knows how badly I want to help her. I am always saying how I will get her treats because mom never did, and toys because she doesn't really have any, and how afraid I am to move her because she is an anxious cat, but the risks of her living there for too much longer seems, at least to me, a much greater risk than that of moving her and having her stay an inside cat. I have talked about using my own money to get her a check up and her shots, which I may have mentioned before. I don't mind if I don't get any new toys or anything with the money I will have to spend on myself, because I just want Princess to be healthy and as happy as can be. It is more exciting for me to be able to give her good toys so she can lose some weight and be fit and be able to play and actually have fun, and for her to have treats, than anything else money can buy. It also greatly excites me to think about being able to bring her to a vet and make sure she is healthy. D realizes some of the things like that, that give me life and wants to give that to me I guess.

(Little background on Princess, after my fuzzy main coon tabby cat named Taz died- he disappeared so I assume the coyotes in our back yard got him- many years ago, my parents promised me a new cat. Taz was paid for, from a shelter, Princess was a kitten I got with her mom from somebody at church. She was fixed. She was my baby. At some point I thought I was going to have to give her up earlier in the year, but because of the conditions she has to live in, I no longer see that happening. She was my greatest love and support through my school years and I would often lay my head on her and cry and she would let me. I love her more than I should really love a pet, which is why, she's really my baby. But anyways, she has not been to the vet since she was fixed years ago, and her shots were the kind my dad brought home from some kind of pet place and gave her himself. I guess it was cheaper that way. How often do those need to be renewed? I will have to make sure and check. They have her live in the disgusting garage, as I have ranted about before, and the dogs eat her food. At my parents house where I had to leave her, they basically kicked her out for the stray kitten they found and took in. They don't get along, and won't bother to try to get the two to get along so Princess hardly even comes into the house anymore, even at night when they call her in just to throw her in the garage with the dogs. I am afraid she will go wild and not come in anymore if I wait too long to collect her... So much for just a little background... x.x)

I also asked if, after Princess was settled in, if I could get her a kitten, mainly because I have felt for years that she might be happier with a companion, after all, you are supposed to have cats in at least two's right? So I have been thinking about that and I am pretty sure D agreed to that too. Besides that I am thinking I might get some other animals, maybe something small like a rat or a guinea pig, but that is far in the future and I know I will want more than that, and I think he will be okay with it as long as I know my own limits.
I told him I could even get some turtles if he likes, since he really likes those, and that seemed to please, him, although why it was me offering I really don't know. Why can't he get his own turtles? Maybe he just likes the way I care for animals so I would take care of them and they would be mine, but he could see them and help me with them and name them and that would please him enough? He seems to like watching me and letting me do things so maybe it's something like that? I don't know now...
So yes. This guy is really good for me. He has figured out some of the main things it takes to keep me happy, which is something H and many other people have never really been able to catch on to, including myself.
So that's what I have to say about all of that.

Sorry this post ended up so long. I will write another one afterwards on a bit of a different subject. :)
I ended up adding a lot of information so that everything was clear and precise, at least for me when I decide to come back and read it as I always do. I like reading old posts. You find things that you have forgotten about...

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  1. I adore cats so much, they are such wonderful creatures. I've got four cats (I had five but one of them disappeared a couple of months ago, and she was so old and weak we think she found somewhere quiet to die), two guinea pigs and a tortoise.
    I love animals, something about them is so uplifting.
    I hope you and your pets are okay, take care.