Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This morning I weighed in at 144.5 pounds.
I have lost about a pound and a half in the last two days. It is going to slow down remarkably I think.
H came back late last night and woke me up, but I fell right back asleep so it was fine. He's trying to be really playful and I guess it's called flirting, but I don't really care either way. I may be succeeding in making him feel like a friend to me. I don't hate him or dislike him and I don't love him or like him. I like it when he is gone because then I have a little more freedom, but otherwise I am pretty neutral.
I decided I needed to have breakfast today. I had one small tomato sliced up, and some organic chips. The tomato was about 16 calories I found out. The chips I counted out to be 80 calories. So my total calories so far is 96- under 100 calorie breakfast. The chips taste really nice with these delicious tomatoes...
I stopped by my parent's house yesterday and got some vegetables from their garden. I got tomatoes. Then my mom gave me a giant bag of potatoes, but sadly not the delicious home grown ones. I got two of the garden grown onions, which are probably the tastiest onions ever. Then she let me take some of her canned peaches, since peaches are my favorite, and a jar of her homemade salsa, also canned, and made from all natural vegetables, probably mostly from our garden from previous years. Last year's batch wasn't very spicy but it still tastes good. It's like, a ton of chopped up, home grown vegetables in a watery solution that picked up juices from all of them, and it tastes really good, and is really healthy.
I need to check to see whether my food card is refilled, because I would love to go to the store and get some gluten free bread to put my vegetables on. The bread tastes good to me, it doesn't taste quite like normal bread because the texture is wrong, but it tastes healthy which is especially appealing to me right now. They are small bread pieces, maybe the size of my palm, with low calories. Hopefully I can make a small sandwich with just vegetables and have it as one meal. It should fill me up and be minimum calories.
On another subject, I wore my jeans to bed like I usually do, because pajamas take up too much room here and I don't have many anyways, and my size ten jeans were way too big. They were only slightly loose yesterday but I woke up and was drowning in them. So I looked for another pair of jeans, checked the size, put it on... It was slightly snug, but not tight to the pound that I felt it would rip when I sat down, or cut off my ability to circulate blood. This pair of pants was a size six. SIX.
I am so proud of myself it's ridiculous.
Hope everyone is doing well!


  1. omy gosh VENUSSSSSSSSSS! You are doing amazingly and i am so freakin proud of you - this healthy eating you are doing is great :) i am glad you are enjoying the veg and that home made salsa really made my mouth water just reading about it!! love youuuu! <3 xxx

  2. Six?! That's the best size when you're losing weight, it's when you really feel like you've hit a milestone. Way to go!!! Ugh the way H treats you makes me so angry, one day your posts are all about how mean hes being and the next he's like sucking up to you! I want to smack some sense into that boy. He needs to be nice to you all the time, no more of this back and forth. mmm your veggies sound sooo good. Make's me feel really guilty for the snacks I ate tonight