Monday, September 3, 2012

This is a post for Rayya and anyone else who has such a hard time with sweets.
I just thought I would provide some useful information. I know a little on this subject but not enough for my usual informational paragraph so I am going to do a little research now...

This is my experience.
I have found that lately, since I have been watching my food at least a little more closely in the past five days, my mood has improved. It is easier to find enthusiasm and motivation to do things, and when I go shopping, sugary sweets actually hold no appeal to me and I find myself craving vegetables and healthier foods.
Even when eating chips, the organic ones look tastier to me.

First thing. Sugar is basically a drug. It activates the same chemicals in your brain that ingesting heroin and morphine do. Not cool.
Sugar is addictive.
I found this on Wikipedia on the subject of sugar addiction.

On the subject of chocolate, it can actually help your brain release the chemical called serotonin into your body, which is the chemical that produces the emotion happiness. If used to make yourself happy it would almost be considered self medicating, and there is an actual withdrawal when you stop eating it sometimes.
People who are addicted to chocolate can have increased depression and anxiety.
This is my explanation of some of the finer points in the article here.

Now, obviously I am not an expert, but these sites show some good information. Anyone who is finding trouble with these things might benefit from doing a little research themselves. And I must say, if you are depressed, anxious, or have any kind of mood issue, you should really look into eating better.

Rayya, you are right. I should seriously consider cutting out gluten completely. I like my vegetables in sandwiches but there are low calorie breads specially made gluten free. Celiac's disease, or an intolerance to gluten, can in some cases actually cause bipolar disorder and things like that. I need to try and eat a little healthier...

I have read that if you stay away from chocolate for a number of days you can beat the cravings. I myself used to eat chocolate a lot, and I would feel awful without it and get some any time I could, which was at least once every week if not every day. I don't know how I stopped, but even now when I eat chocolate it hurts some of my teeth, so I don't eat it very much.
Perhaps I am just good at pushing my thoughts in a healthier direction and that's why I want vegetables and things more and more lately.

This article is pretty useful. It has information on how to overcome a chocolate addiction. It covers the whole thing, including, what are the symptoms and how it can be affecting your health.

I hope I helped someone out there!

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  1. Thank you so much for this! The articles were very informative and I have realised that my behaviour surrounding chocolate are really bad resembling that of an addiction. I feel I must stop so from here on now I will be beating the addiction one day at a time! Thank you so so so so much! You have helped me more than you know xxxx