Monday, September 10, 2012

I am working on a project right now.
I downloaded a video maker so I can now make thinspo videos for you guys.
I was thinking about how I would love to have a thinspo book again. You know, pages of pictures cut out from magazines and words scrawled in the spaces in marker to encourage one's self. I would like to have one but I do not have the privacy to keep something like that around. I know I had one when I lived at my parent's and I had it in a binder so I could always just be adding pages to it. And then I was thinking about all of my favorite thinspo pictures from online and how I can't print them out, and how I don't like doing thinspo pages online or on my blog as much because you can't put them wherever on the page and doodle or put words around it as you please. They all just kind of go in order and it doesn't have the same scrap book kind of feel to it. I have also been thinking about how on you tube, there aren't really very many thinspo videos, and maybe a handful that I could find on winter, which is okay now, but what about around Christmas time when I won't want to watch any regular ones? I dislike listening to normal music in the holiday season. It just bursts the holiday mood bubble for me.
YouTube is always finding thinspo videos too and taking them off, like it is any more offensive than so much of the other crap that people put on. Makes me frustrated.
Young people are totally going to recover from eating disorders, and no one will ever get them if you take thinspo videos off of YouTube. While I'm at it, no one will ever be able to find those pictures anywhere else either so we have it covered. *Sarcasm*
It's stupid.
But back to my project idea. I am taking thinspo pictures and using them in Paint, the program already on pretty much every computer. Then I am adding some color, and some words and making it something of a thinspo book, only in computer files. Then I am attaching it to a slide player that adds music, so I have something of a thinspo book video. I'm not sure if that made sense but I tried to explain.
So far, I am not sure exactly how to go at it, and so the pages are really simple with only a sentence or two on them and one or two pictures. Then I just color the background sometimes or add little stars or lines in different colors. I am calling the first one I do the first chapter of my book because I like things to be organised and in order. It's a work in progress or however that saying goes.
I am having trouble though because I'm not sure which pictures to use safely, which really the only way to do it safely is to ask permission from every one of the pictures creators or subjects... It seems like that would get me nowhere. So I am just trying to use pictures that are mostly already used and associated with thinspo or don't have watermarks on them. Also, trying not to say or show anything that might get the video deleted off of YouTube when I upload it is a challenge. I might just try and upload it directly to the blog. I really don't know...
But anyways.
I just thought I should let you guys know what I am working on so you have something to look forward too. If I ever get the hang of it enough in the future, perhaps I will accept requests for songs or themes.
Love you guys.
Keep working hard.


  1. Oooo sounds cool! I love making photo albums so i know the look you are going for! Cant wait to see the finished result XD xXx

  2. hey venus..u r just soo sweet...always kind of experimenting wid new thngs..yes i wud like to request few songs for thinspo some day..i'l wait for it..nd thanx for ur comment on my depressing post that day :)..xoxo

  3. ah that would be so cool much better than a thinspo book because the pages get wrecked and crinkled!

  4. wow sounds like a great idea! Good luck with your project! Sounds fantastic!