Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hey guys, my food card got refilled today. I just checked and hour ago and I got $200 to spend on food this month. I will try and make it last.
I went to the store and had every opportunity to get everything unhealthy. Nothing was stopping me from getting something sweet, even if it had gluten in it. But I didn't.
I got some gluten free bread at 80-90 calories per slice I think.
Then I got a head of iceberg lettuce, sliced zero calorie pickles, a tiny can of black olives, sliced...
I don't know how many calories those are but I can check...
And I got a large thing of apple cider because it had a few less calories than the regular apple juice and the first ingredient was actually water, which means it had more water than any other ingredient, and I need more water. I won't be counting calories when it comes to the apple cider though.
Perhaps it was around 110 per serving, 8 servings, but it won't be all gone in a day, probably not even two or three. I shared some with K anyways and will continue to share it. I can't go by the $7 a day plan since I already spent more than that on supplies I can't get during the night. But I brought them home and don't plan on touching them until after dark. It's weird, but I can't get myself to eat any more or my parent's delicious little tomatoes, even though they are super low calorie. I still feel like I would be eating too much.
I am looking forward to my sandwich for later though. It should be a total of under 300 calories, and it will fill me up. That is two pieces of the gluten free bread, which should be most of the calories, and some of all of my vegetables, which I am sure cannot add up to very much. I mean, pickles and mustard are basically no calories. Lettuce I think is maybe 5 calories for a leaf. Tomato, 15 calories. Onion, let's say 10 calories tops, and that's if I put two slices on it. The olives... they sound like they might be a bit more calories but let's say that and whatever else that goes on will take up the remainder.
So for today's total, we'll say 200 for the cider, 400 in meals. That is 600 calories total for the day.
If I eat something after that, it's okay. I am allowed. If not, good.
But I mean, I need to fix my metabolism a little bit more if I want to keep losing significant amounts. I hope 600 isn't too much over whatever I ate yesterday or the day before. If I go up slowly, then my weight won't go up and I can fix my metabolism hopefully.
Anyways, this is my plan. 400 in food may not be enough I suppose, but let's just see how things go.
Sorry that was a lot of numbers...
Thank you to The Lovely Bones, Emma Phoenix, and Rayya for commenting lately. I really enjoy them and they brighten up my day quite a bit. I am being pretty enthusiastic lately and it is helping. Also, the suggestion to do an anime character my sister likes for her birthday is a good one. I might just do that for real. It still has to do with what picture I can use though, and what manga she is interested in at moment...
I am still keeping the $100 shopping spree in as an option, but I may not have the money for it...
Emma Phoenix, I am not sure this size six is the same size as a regular size six you find in the store. I end up with a ton of each size and some are way too small and some are way too big and it's confusing. I am not sure I believe I am in a real size six lol. So I am under the impression that I am still in size 8 but who knows. Maybe I am in shock from fitting into it...
Thanks, all of you!
And Rayya, I really miss hearing from you!
Love you all!

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  1. i swear i replied?? check your email :) sorry if it didnt send :\ my bad.. i really miss you too <3 and wowee all those super healthy foods - you are seriously making me want tomatoes! lol its not even funny, dammit i want a tomato :( i dont think 600 is too much if you plan to increase then drop the calories that will work like a charm - thats basically what the abc diet does right, i think i will follow your example and get more salad in tomorrow :) thanks for all the motivation and all the positivity :) it really is great and i am so very pleased for you <3 love you! xx