Monday, September 10, 2012

H is on the phone in the other room with the two people I hate most in the world. That would be miss size three and her husband. I think just miss size three right now. It is making me want to panic.
He is talking about living with them and all this other stuff. I don't care if he leaves but I don't want to be stuck in his old room with his fucking family while he has the time of his fucking life with his two best friends. Says a lot about his character that his two best friends are a bitch and an asshole. Scratch that. They are both the most vile contemptible human beings alive. All three of them can get in a car crash and die.
Is he talking about me now? Shit.
I have work in the morning but I slept all day so I don't know if I want to sleep and the way he is riling me up I doubt I will be able to sleep anytime soon, even if he stopped laughing and chatting like he's in love with the both of them. Makes me sick. Like seriously. I am eyeing the bathroom right now.
I hate this. I don't want to do this anymore. What a sick bastard.
At first I thought he was talking to his "Wifey" as he refers to her in text. Maybe he is actually talking on the game to all of them. I will walk by and check on my way to the toilet.
This is really stressing me out...

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